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Garmin Edge 705 issue!

Hi guys,
just thought I'd see if anyone else with a Garmin Edge 705 has encountered this issue...

When I plot a route on bikeroutetoaster.com and download to Garmin (GPX) I can follow the route when riding no problem until I get about half way around. Then it does something rather odd! It just displays the course "as the crow flies" back to my destination rather than the second half of the route. The rides I 've been doing are around 100-110 miles....perhaps it doesn't cope well after 50-60 miles?!

If anyone has encountered this problem, please let me know. I've got another long ride planned this weekend in an area i don't know and am banking on the Garmin to get me round!!

Thanks for the help,


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I normally use tcx files, no problems on my 160km route last weekend. You have to look at the map but I don't get any of the annoying rerouting back to missed point issues I had with gpx files.
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