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Training zones

It great to have a good base of training but think you are missing a great summer of events. There has to be an end product to all this training we do..... and if nothing else will affirm you desire to go at it harder.

All the training books do great plans but unless you think you are going to be a pro then it should be for fun.

Don't worry about the heart rate zones too much and enter a race.....


  • Hi,

    I'm quite new to triathlon having started training 'properly' last october. At the time i read joe friel's training bible and decided that the best thing would be to spend 12 months building base fitness i.e. zone 2 with some zone 3 intervals. It's working a treat, and i have made noticeable fitness improvements, i'm even getting faster!

    Now, i live in a hilly area, and on most of my rides/runs i struggle to stay in zones 2 & 3 up the hills. So, do you think it's ok to go zone 4 uphill, and stay zone 2/3 on the flat/downhill, even though i'm trying to build a solid base, not speed train?

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • jacjac Posts: 452
    There are some hills you simply can't avoid going into zone 4, even 5.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  • oh, i am entered in some races. gonna go as fast as i can in those, it's just the training i mean. intending to start a 'proper' training cycle october this year i.e. base, build, peak, race so fast i get into london 2012!!!!
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