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Just wanted to vent my anger and frustration as I have now been feeling under par for 1 week and have done 0 training since my race at Blenheim. Getting V V V pissed off as my new Cervelo is just sitting in my room desperate to go out but as i feel dizzy just walking to the shop guess its out of the question. I just wannna swim, run or cycle and feel unable to do any and dunno what the f is up with me.



  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Nightmare. Just chill out and take it easy. If you're under the weather you have to look at the positives and think that rest is the best thing you can do. If you recover soon and get back on it then you still clearly have the hunger so the rest will have done you good and you'll get straight back into it. It's alot worse when you feel like you can't be @rsed to s,b or r!

    Also, see a doc, don't suffer unnecessarily if it might be easily cureable.
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Cheers Transit - all fair comments! Well its just over 1 week now so i am going to try and see a doctor tomorrow. I certainly wanna get out there and train which is good but feel like I am losing my mind having done no training!

    Wouldnt say that i feel 'Ill' as such - just constantly tired, dizzy and off balance. Just not right i guess. Would have hoped that 1 weeks sleeping would have cured it but seems not. Fingers crossed i will be back on here telling you guys what training i have done soon and not whining about feeling below par!!

    Good work to those of you that are still out there training - oh and it was good to see some tri on telly today! Also some more on from Japan ITU very late tonight.[:)]
  • honchohoncho Posts: 23
    dont go to doctor, i think your just exited, relax .
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Exited? About what - feeling crap perhaps? Odd response Honcho. Why wouldnt someone go and see a doctor after 1 week of feeling not right? [8|]
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Haha, Lowther, my thoughts exactly.

    The problem is that too many people put off going to see a Doctor thinking they either don't want to bother hi/her or they'll fix themselves. If you see a doc and he can't help you've lost nothing, if you leave it a few wks then go and then he fixes you, you'll have lost wks.

    I realise you don't need convincing.

  • honchohoncho Posts: 23
    yes it was a very odd response, i must stop posting after a night in the pub.my apologies. it was a very hot day at Blenheim i wouldn't rule out a bit of exhaustion,hope you are out and about soon.
  • Lowther - if I remember rightly we were in the same Blenheim section. I have been feeling rotten the past couple of days but I've just put it down to you swimming over the top of me leaving me trailing in your wake[:o]

    Hope you sort it soon but in my experience there's little chance your GP will have any answers (I'm always left with a feeling of way did I bother waiting a week for 2 mins chat, no answers & having to take half a day of work for the priviledge)
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    No worries about your reply Honcho!

    Well I have just been signed off for another week from work. They did various tests and he suspects high levels of potassium in my blood along with high blood pressure and other symtoms. Didnt understand all the stuff he was on about but thinks it might be down to tri related stuff - i.e muscle tears etc releasing excess potassium into my blood and my kidneys cant cope with it. great! Have been told to do nothing at all. I think I am going to go mad and get very fat and unfit fast!!

    Now i am just waiting for the results of the tests to confirm his thoughts. We shall see.

    Anyone else had any fitness related problems involving potassium??

    Harlow Yellow - hope you are feeling better after being crushed by me at Blenheim! :)
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