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Wetsuit fit

CCSCCS Posts: 53
I know that there have been loads of posts on this subject recently, but can I ask one further question?

I recently bought my first wetsuit - the main driver was getting something fairly cheap for my first OW race - so I went for an ex-hire Blue Seventy Reaction suit. On the size charts, I always seem to be between sizes, being tall and a bit lanky, so I went for the smaller size. Feels fairly comfortable, and OK to get on / off (and I am pretty used to wetsuits from loads of windsurfing in my younger days).

Anyway, I am starting to wonder whether it is too big. When I did some sea swimming on holiday, it felt as if the legs were full of water, and almost flopping around while I swam - particularly on the knee / thigh area. The arms are however quite a snug fit.

On the sizing chart, the next size down is aimed at someone between 7 & 1" shorter than me and 24 - 6 lbs lighter (so I didn't even consider it).

Any recommendations for wetsuit brands where the legs come up a bit more tight fitting?

Budget dictates that I stick with what I have for this season - but I might think of looking for end of season bargains for next year, so would appreciate any thoughts.

(P.S. recommendations for womens' wetsuits.... I am a girl)


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Did you have the bottom half of the suit pulled RIGHT UP into your crotch?? If you didnt then this could explain a slight pooling of water in your legs slowing you down. Half the time when wetsuits are concerned people have the right size but its not put on properly (Im not dissing you by the way!! [;)]).

    Good luck.......

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    rsc198rsc198 Posts: 9
    Like MG said.... try pulling the legs up a heap further...

    I was staggered how big a difference it made to my suit...

    Alternatively you could spend a bit more time on the bike... till your legs fill the suit out![;)]


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    CCSCCS Posts: 53
    Thanks for the suggestions - will definitely try pulling the legs up further next time. That may well be the issue - as the wetsuit legs are considerably shorter than my own, so I may have left them not pulled up enough in the hope of keeping lower calves / ankles warm.
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