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Wetsuit - too tight?

Hi new to this, but just bought my first tri specific wetsuit, (an Orca Apex2), but its very tight around the neck, fits everywhere else fine... is this just a side effect of the low cut necks, or do other manafactures have bigger neck openings!

Will it strech or do I need to rethink this... I'm going to use it for a 1/2 Ironman distance tri, then a full Ironman in July, so need to get it right!

Any suggestions? I can still send it back, but need to sort it today!




  • rsc198rsc198 Posts: 9
    I figured as much.. but time and distance are the issue, with only 2 weeks to the 1/2 distance... make that 10 days...

    Should the neck be snug or tight? I can breath, but it might be border line...!

    Do 2XU 7 Blue Seventy generaly have wider necks?

    Any thoughts helpful....

    Thanks Ru

    PS: Conehead thanks for the fast response, always interesting to read you're feed back... is there a chapter in you're book on it! I know I should go and buy it!!!!

  • sam_thebatmansam_thebatman Posts: 112
    where can i get the book by the way?
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    The neck should be tight-ish, it should form a seal so you dont have water flooding into your suit slowing you down. I have a blue seventy suit and it was v tight at first but once in the water (with a little body glide on the neck) I didnt notice it at all. And after a while it will loosen slightly.
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