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Stolen - QR seduza and Giant TCR carbon

My shed was broken into the other night and my 2 race bikes stolen -

so please keep your eyes out for a

Quintana Roo Seduza (black red) built up with full Duraace, HEd aero bars, and wierd unmatching wheels - it has a crap Gipemme wheel on the rear as it has just come off the turbo. MINT condition - could have come out of the showroom.

Giant TCR 2 composite 2 bike , ultegra, Xero XR1-lite race clinchers, black and yellow 2004 version. good condition but obviously a few years old.

Both bikes were fully locked , and deadlocked to an industrial cable that was locked around a tree and routed into the shed. The theives boltcuttered the door, both cables, moved my training bike out of the way and left it in the garden, and left my MTB in next doors garden - they must have climbed over their fence toget into our garden as we have big locked doors across our driveway.

Just goes to show that nothing is safe

A good tip I heard is to get a rape alarm and fit it inside the shed, with the pull tab under the door attached to a nail etc - when you open it you make sure to remove the tab before opening the door, but the thieves obviously won't know that and will set the alarm off when opening the door.


  • Hillsy555Hillsy555 Posts: 19

    Sorry to hear about the theft. As you say nothing is safe. Maybe try under the bed next time !!

    When someone tried to steal my Motorbike I had a visit from a Community Police Officer who gave my a free rape alarm to attach to it.

    If you do get a visit from the police, discuss it with them, see what you can get. I'll also keep my eye out when i'm looking over Ebay.
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    oh man you must be gutted! bike/house insurance?
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