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Transition help.....

the time differance between running in your bike shoes and jumping on with shoes already fitted at our level is negligable.

Unless you plan on winning, just run in your shoes. its easier.

Unless you practice and practice and did i mention practice.


  • Just wanted to know what people do about swim to bike transition. I have completed two triathlons (two years ago...had a baby last July) and in these I biked in my running shoes, I have now invested in bike shoes and am concerned about transition....do most people run in their bike shoes rather than leaving them clipped to the bike...that scares me! I know I need to practise but any advice would be most welcome...
  • Hi thanks that helps I'm def not going to win but was afraid of being all the gear and obviously no idea...saying that I am!....now one more question my swim is by far my best event followed by a rubbish bike how hard should I go on the swim with it being so early in the event I am worried about doing too much (mainly for OD).

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