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Bike for Ironman UK?

Dear All,

This August I am due to be racing Ironman UK in Bolton. I'm a complete novice having only raced one sprint distance triathlon before, however I have a long background in other sports and bar a stress fracture putting me off running on the road for the last couple of months, training has been going well and I'm looking forward to the race! To date I have been doing my cycle training on my old "Revolution Continental Race" from Edinbrgh Bicycle Coop. It has served me well through many years of cross training for rowing but when it comes to the Ironman I feel I need something a bit quicker.

I'm pretty strapped for cash at the moment and so want to keep things as cheap as possible and so am pretty convinced by the idea of buying a focus from wiggle for their good value for money, but my question really is which one? The 2 options are the tri specific "Culebro Tria" at £1,011 or the Road geometry "Cayo 105" at £989. Since I only really race Triathlons (with no intention to do much road racing) I would ordinarily have gone strait for the Tria, but my my problem is that I am pretty much buying the bike specifically for Ironman UK (although I will continue to race afterwards) which is a pretty hilly course.

I would greatly appreciate any advice from those more experienced than me whether you felt that the Aluminium Tri frame or the Carbon road frame would be the better bet in Bolton?

This is my first post so if I can work out how I will try to post a profile of the bike course in Bolton.





  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I am also doing the Ironman in Bolton and it will be my first one. I don't know whether it is the right choice or not but I have recently ordered a Culebro Tria, I am rather hoping it will turn up today.

    I haven't been on the bike course but from the look of the profile there are some steep uphill sections but also some much longer downhill sections, where I am hoping the aero-bars will save me some time or more likely some energy. Also I am going to continue racing triathlons after the Ironman so wanted a tri-specific bike.


  • ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    if you have only done one sprint distance before, and with 12 weeks ish to go, i would recommend a normal road bike with aero bars. given you may 6 hours in the saddle, comfort is paramount. You wont be on the bars for all the time, given the course, and you wont be conditioned for it.

    i did imuk in 06 (11.21) , and doing again this year. ealrier this year i got the scott addict, and put aero bars on, and pleased with my decision.
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