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Tri training in Aylesbury?

Hi, Am new to triathlon, have just done my first supersprint at eton, and absolutely loved it, so, stepping up my training now, but its a bit boring on my own sometimes! anyone else out there around aylesbury up for some kind of occasional swim / bike / run training? Or anyone know of any good clubs in Aylesbury area as i can travel too far, it eats too much into my limited training time!!

All advise gratefully received!




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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    I'm originally from Aylesbury but living in London now. Having said that I am back for some training on the weekends.

    I know the MK team is really well run from a buddy who used to train with them. The new bypass it shouldn't take too long to get to some of those events.

    Feel free to contact me direct if your doing any training, if I'm about and doing some bits then be great to get some company.

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