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Ironman Distance

Hi all,

I'm looking to do an Ironman distance triathlon early summer next year (2010), I'm wanting to do it to raise money for an expedition. Im new to triathlons but I'm a rower so I have a good base level of fitness and Im used to training hard, so it should be a good challenge.

The official UK ironman is too late in the season, can anyone reccomend other events that may be good, and suitable for a novice.



  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Hi like you I'm looking to progress to ironman in 2010 but going to start off with olympic distance first, then progress to the Ironman 70.3 in June 2010.

    Have you any triathlon experience under your belt ?

    A jump to full Ironman is a bold move my friend !
  • MillszolaMillszola Posts: 5
    Hi JBorrell!

    I've entered the Germany Ironman in Frankfurt this year July 5th. Rumours go that it is a good one to do as your first as it is relatively 'flat' but it is still an Ironman so no doubt will be very hard! Quote on their website as "longest day of the year"!! ;-). It's said to have one of the best finishes and some of the best crowds to keep you going...

    Check out more info here...


    This is going to be my fourth ever triathlon.. of which 1,2 and 3 have all been this year!!

  • I'm afraid I have nothing to offer on which races you might enter, but I saw your message and wanted to wish you luck and possibly offer you a word of advice (although you may already know it).

    Last year I was in almost exactly the same position as you. I'm also a rower and did my first Triathlon (at Blenheim) last year. In September I signed up for Ironman UK 2009 and began training proper in January.

    If you are like me you'll have done the odd bit of cycling as xtraining and the occasional crew jog. My big advice would be to be careful on the running. If you're body isn't used to it training for a marathon can be one hell of an ordeal - by March I had developed a stress fracture in my ankle. I haven't been able to run since. If I can offer you any advice it would be to take it easy on the running and build it up slowly... REALLY slowly!

    The rehab on my ankle is going slower than I had hoped but I'm still pretty confident that I'll be able to race. The only question is how much preparation I'll have had. I had planned to race several Tris this summer building up from oly to half IM , but now the only race prep I'm likely to get is a couple of long distance TTs on the bike and in the worst case scenario I may be looking at running the marathon with only a couple of weeks training on the road (although I've been using the cross trainier). My target has shifted from sub 12hours to just finish.

    I just re read the above and realised it comes over as very gloomy, that really isn't my intention. What I really want to say is good luck and enjoy it! I haven't finished one yet but I think if you are sensible and are prepared to put in the hours then doing an ironman from nothing is definately achievable... its just damned hard work. But I have learned the hard way that doing an Ironman isn't isn't like pulling your nuts off for 2k, its about being inteligent with your training, building it up slowly and putting in the long hours!

    Good luck and enjoy it.


    p.s. feel free to ask if you want any advice. I'm not an experienced triathlete, but I am doing now exactly what you plan to do next year. Also this forum has loads of good advice, I just wish I'd signed up sooner!
  • JBorrellJBorrell Posts: 4
    Hi Ewan, thanks for the advice.

    Yes, running used to be my forte before I went to uni and discovered team sports. I've actually been struggling with shin splints the last 6 months so all my running at the moment is on treadmills as they're a lot softer on the legs, but yeah your right, you have to build it very very slowly!

    Then again they always say Rowers arnt ment to run!

    and Millszola thankyou for the advice I'll definately look into it, hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a good feeling about what I can achieve and will make some decisions about what to enter.

    Thanks again for the advice all.
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