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Local training gems discovered hiding in internet..

As i am just getting into the swing of triathlon training, I started with just swimming at the local 25m pool which is actually in quite an expensive Gym. Having just done my first race I started looking for open water lake swims, most seemed to be a fair bit away from where i live, so that got me searchig some of the back corners of the internet, and i'm quite amazed at what i've un-earthed...

firstly, instead of the crazy price i pay at my gym, mainly just to use their pool. There is a 60m .. yes 60m !! outdoor pool (un-heated [;)]) right round the corner from me at Hampstead Heath called the Parliament Hill Lido, it's only been there since the 1930's !.. and it's still only £2 per swim session. And right next to that are the Hampstead Heath ponds which are now open for summer swimming, although apparently nudity is a common feature there .. i'll stick with the Orca - for now [;)].

I have no idea what either are like but i'll be hopping on the bike and finding out this weekend.

What a find ! .. just in time for Summer (read: British Summer).

jt [8|]


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    DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    Just get your azz down to liquid leisure so we can put you through your paces!

    Do you know if G is going down there tomorrow?

    We will be there about 7ish.


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