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When racing OD or 70.3 what heart rate zone /bpm should you aim for?

Hi - This probably sounds like a silly question but when racing in an OD or 70.3 what heart rate or bpm should you aim for on the bike/run and even swim!

Naturally going up hills, passing etc.. will raise heart rate but I have never seen this mentioned in any of my books?




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    danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I averaged 79.5% yesterday. That was from T1-finish, and included a near crash where my heart rate went down to ~70% for the last 45 minutes of the run. Probably 80-81% overall if I hadn't run out of blood sugar.
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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    If you want to do it properly then you should do some full metabolic assessment and find out your lactate threshold. You can then easily determine your training and racing thresholds regards HR.

    Personally, you can probably take a good guess at where this lactate HR sits in relations to effort. For me it's 152 on the bike and 157 on the run.

    Last year, I managed to complete an OD at an average of 156 and was fairly popped at the end. I think I could have given more on the swim and early on the bike, but then again I might have crashed on the run.

    My Half IM early this month was done at an average of 142 which is well in my aerobic zone (75% max) and was comfortable till the last 5km in the run.

    Have the full IM in 7 weeks time and will be aiming for an average around 137 which should be do-able. If I go much higher than this then I'm afraid I will be hitting the metaphorical wall early and head-on!
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