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nutrition on a restricted diet - help!

Hi all,

This post is really for my mum who is in the process of regaining her confidence in her physical abilities after a long and chronic illness by training for a walking half marathon. The training is going well and she is feeling fit and happy. However she is a bit worried about nutrition in the run up to and during the race.

Her illness has left her with the following things to consider/overcome:

1. A severe yeast intolerance so she can eat absolutely no added or natural yeast - the latter on things like dried fruit or any fruit with a bloom and some nuts

2. She can't eat very much, at all, at any one time and has to watch the amount of sugar she eats

I think it is a question of getting enough of the right sort of calories in so that she doesn't lose any more weight with the increased exercise (she's now a size 8) and can get it right for during the event. Eating the wrong thing can lay her up for months. She is doing about an hour of walking on most days with a long walk once a week (3 hours) and some faster work thrown in. She also has a fairly physical job. Oh and she's a vegetarian

Any advice or suggestions would be really welcome.

Thanks in advance.


PS she can still eat cake - as much as she wants and then some! [:D]


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Given the complexity, I think it would be worth seeing a professional nutritionist - someone who can understand the specific medical requirements etc. Certainly, a trip to the GP to discuss it - making clear the specific goals of doing the LD walk.

    Good luck!
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    jesus mary and joseph.

    what jack said.

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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    Ok, so the yeast thing is manageable (if really frustrating) - just a question of reading the labels and avoiding anything that has been open too long.

    Does anyone think that using gels/sports drinks would help her either during training or during the event itself? I'm guessing that they just provide a quick hit rather than sustained energy?

    If she concentrated on eating porridge for breakfast and perhaps another bowl at mid-morning would that help?

    It is a pain - thankfully this is rare but most people with it just give up and stay at home and never go out and do anything so she's doing really well.
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    SuperCazSuperCaz Posts: 54
    How about cereal bars? I use them a lot as a healthy snack with plenty of slow release carbs. I have one mid afternoon and it gives me the energy to exercise in the evening.

    I can't eat bread so I can sympathise with your mum, but in my case it is not yeast that is the problem. I eat a lot of wraps instead - can she eat those as I wouldn't have thought that they contain yeast?
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