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Keeping your sanity when injured

Firstly hi everyone,

Been a lurker here for a while but this is my first post.

My question is, how do you remain sane and retain your run fitness when you can't run.

I'm trying to get over an inflamed knee bursa (self diagnosed, but thats another story), so i'm off the bike and running until it clears up.

I'm in the pool pretty much every day so at least my swim is improving, but my first triathlon is in august and I think it will be quite a competitve one so i really need to be fast and my training was going so well.

I'm doing plenty of stretching, taking ibuprofen and applying ice. but I'm going crazy at the thought of my dwindling run fitness.

Any advice for home exercise or anything to keep my legs working would be welcome.




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    how often are you masturbating? however much it is, it isnt enough.

    An injury philosophy I got from Martin Rooney was "dont tell me what you cant do, tell me what you can do", So you can still swim, do some lifts, core exercises, back exercises. Do stuff that keeps your HR high and you wont lose as much of your run fitness.

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I don't (avoid going mad that is). I go out before it is better and make it worse.

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    willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    your not near Watford are you? I know a great physio (watford football club) that really helped me get back.

    Keeping sane - i've no idea, soz.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    To echo the 'what you can, not what you can't.'...is it only running that you can't? As in impact? If so then you can do any number of run drills, slowing down & going through the movements that may help the healing process & most certainly will help future injury avoidance. I could list, but a google will provide many options, some will strengthen, some will stabilise, some will work you core all will help your future running. As you are maintaining your aerobic fitness with bike & run, you will be doing the best job you can at limiting your losses.
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    can you use the cross trainer in the gym? that thends to help keep the aerobic fitness up - but being no impact doesn't tend to inflame injuries - i did a lot of training for a half mara on one as i had strained a calf muscle and it didn't do the injury any harm, and kept me close to fitness, although not all the way there.
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    Thank you for all the replies and advice.

    I must admit i didn't even give a cross trainer a second thought, but i will try a session on that and see how it goes.

    So - the next couple of weeks i'll step up the strength training, before getting back on my bike and then if thats ok back to the run.

    Thanks again chaps, this triathlon training can be a lonely business, and i guess it's easy for your motivation to take a knock sometimes.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    A more considered answer. I first got the twinges of a knee injury around Christmas time. After a run of > 8 miles, it would start to feel a bit tender.

    I ignored it. I was to keen to run having finally got over calf problems. Which took an age. I had some key goals to achieve, and a bit of a twinge wasn't getting in the way.

    Then, at the end of January, after a run, it really got sore. Didn't really hurt at the time - just a 5K road race.

    But, rather than stopping, a week later I did another race - Cross Country... then it swelled up like a balloon.

    I went straight to the physio, laid off the running, and switched to cross training - rowing machine, cycling, swimming.

    In hindsight, this was just enough to keep it aggravated. Did a 10K at the end of March. It hurt, but not too bad.

    Then the week before my first multisport event, I did a five K - just to get a bit of a feel again.

    This time it failed catastrophically. Really swelled up. Couldn't move it at all. Couldn't drive. Straight to the GP and a referal to a surgeon.

    That was the 11th March.

    I've done no running at all since then. It still hurts - so I'm now too scared to.

    Just focused on swimming - I've been working away a lot - so not really been to the gym either.

    A week or so ago I went for the first bike ride. Just a short one. Then I waited for a full week before another.

    This weekend is the best that it has felt since the 11th April - i.e. it hasn't woken me up in the night when I've turned over.

    I'm starting to put together a rehabilitation plan (I've been doing very gentle exercises since - mainly static ones) - I wouldn't call it a training plan. Walked to the paper shop at the weekend for the first time (going down hill is pretty painful still - but not as bad as it was).

    Really need to spend time in the Gym, but I keep being away.

    Seeing the Consultant a week tomorrow. But I suspect it is just rest that will be required - probably what I am doing at the moment.

    It is frustrating. I've been grumpy and miserable for ages. I've put on nearly a stone in since Easter, and the body fat percentage has gone up by 4%. I feel crap.

    Moral: don't turn a 6 week rest into a 6 month disaster.

    Take professional advice.

    Think what you can do.

    Then do 25% of that for the first week or two.

    Just be patient......

    and feel free to rant and moan here when it all gets too much.
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