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Time Trial Question

This may sound like a silly question but Can anyone try to explain to me why it is that you win points when you complete a club time trial I got 3 point for a race but what do i do with it ???


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Points mean prizes!!

    Seriously though, not much context!

    It is not unknown for clubs to have leagues - and their "turn up and ride" club events are usually part of this.

    Quite often, you are divided into categories - e.g. people who average < 24 minutes over three or more would be CAT 1, people who average > 26 minutes would be CAT 3.

    Then you get points awarded for your efforts. And at the end of the serious you see who has one. Get prizes. And feel good.

    Really, have a look at your club's website.

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