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Ankle Sprain

Hey. I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago playing netball. It was a beaut of a sprain, ive never seen any part of my body swell so much and look so abnormal and ive had a fair few injuries. Anyway. After a lot of physio and stretching etc, im pretty much back to normal. Ive only been swimming and cycling and its really helped my ankle. My swimming has never been so good!! Ive been told i can start gentle running this weekend and im really looking forward to it. Just wanted to ask for some advice from people on here. Is it a good idea with a weak ankle to get some high sided running trainers? Ive got a support thing for my ankle, but I was just thinking about trainers and if there is anything i can wear to help support my ankle completely. Any ideas???




  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    ankle sprains completely suck - i was prone to them when i was younger particularly when training carrying extra weight in a rucksack...

    My advice is take it real easy when you start again, but also don't be too afraid of it, it is after all only a sprain! Yep they make your eyes water and swear loudly but hopefully no lasting damage! I would also offer some unconventional advice of stick to running on tarmac / hard surfaces until your ankle is feeling strong again - i wouldnt risk any trail running where you could turn it again for a while.

    I personally wouldn't go for a high sided trainer, but just go for a well cushioned shoe; i switched to Saucony on advice of my local running shop and have never looked back. They're not especially high sided but are very well cushioned and i am on about my 6th pair!

    hope this helps - i have no medical or physio background - so if it all goes wrong pse don't try and sue me!!!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i knacked my right ankle up pretty bad about 5 years ago playing football and suffered what seemed like endless recurrence injuries until i was finally given some physio. i'm glad you've had a quicker turn round with treatment and with any luck it'll keep stable.

    i'd agree with pataallen - i'm not sure the high sided trainers are completely necessart and keep to smooth surfaces where possible. wear the support and make sure you warm up the ankle well with stretches. i found that jogged side-stepping and leg-crosses as part of my warm up helped reduce the recurrences, but that is just me - you may be completely different.

    if you find it stiffens up or is sore after exercising then maybe give it some ice and elevation.

    best of luck with it and i hope it keeps a good steady improvement.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    What did your physio comprise? Did you do single leg balance stuff? If not you need to, if you did..good, but you need to do more.

    Avoid support if possible, this will encourage weakness as the supporting structures do not then have to do their job, which may encourage you to run further & do some damage. Best to take it slow, build strength with distance, frustrating as it may be.

    Stretching before a run? Not in a static stretch way but warm up the joint thoroughly, ankle rotations, toe point, toe to shin, single leg work, hoppng & bounding if you can take that impact, side steps, carioca likewise.

    Stretch thoroughly, ice & elevate post run..ice massage if you can.
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