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Orca Alpha Wetsuit

The Alpha is an awesome suit - I have one - but it is really designed for fishes like me who have swum since they were 5 (highly flexible, little bouancy).....go for a 3.8 or a Sonar more aimed at the runners/bikers amongst the ti community...



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    Hi All,

    Reasonably new to triathlon and have got an opportunity to buy an Orca Alpha Wetsuit at a very reasonable price.

    Not being the strongest swimmer yet, I am looking for as much buoyancy as possible, and the specification description on all sites (inc Orca) are not great explaining if this would be a good suit for me at this stage (although the cost is very high, I am looking for confirmation the suit is not suited to a stronger swimmer and requiring less assistance).

    Hope you can help.

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    Thanks Ian, thats what I was worried about. Will have a look at the 3.8 or Sonar as you say.


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I went for the alpha for the same reason the the extra bouyancy gives weak swimmers confidence and it did get me from a to b faster than I thought
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    Hi Tree Frog, so do you thin kit was the right decision to buy the Alpha then?

    Thanks in advance, F
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