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Two "A" races witihin 2 weeks?

I'm intending to do the Etape in France next year, which will be a pretty challenging 100-mile bike ride that follows a stage of the tour de France. I'd also like to do an Ironman with the UK version being the default choice.

The problem if these events are on the same weekends next as this year, they are only 2 weeks apart (with the Etape first). I've just dug out a copy of Joe Friel's triathletes training bible who recommends either having your "A" races clumped together in 2-3 week blocks (presumably so that you can peak for both rather that having to go through another training cycle) or 8 or more weeks apart (so you can go through another training cycle)

2 weeks doesn't seem like much time to recover from a big challenge like the Etape and I'd hate to turn up to an Ironman anything but fresh and raring to go. On the other hand this could be perfect timing going into Ironman with peak bike fitness.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this?


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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I wouldnt advise doing Ironman 2 weeks after the Etape if you want to be on top form for Ironman, If your goal was to just complete ironman then you should have no problem.

    I didnt think that the Etape course was anounced until later on in the year. The route will have a big bearing on your decision as the Etape could include some of the biggest mountains in the tour which could have a big effect on your recovery.

    I rode the 2004 Etape from Limoges to St Fleur this was the longest Etape ever at 150 miles, so the distance can vary as well.

    It is quite difficult to get into the Etape, I think now,you have to go with a registered UK Tour operator and its not cheap.

    Both are well worth doing and I wish you the best of luck.
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    Thanks for the advice, bathtub. My only goal would be to get around ironman as a first-timer but even that will be challenge enough for me so I'd need to be fuly recovered. Might be a bit too ambitious just 2 weeks after the Etape. 2010 route not out yet, I think some of the tour operators do offer entry only but you have to move quick to get them! The 2004 route sounds like a killer!
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    steve785steve785 Posts: 52
    wow i would love to do either of them! but if you do the ironman after that ride i think your legs would blow any of them are an achievement i have been doing sprint/od tris for a year i think next year move up , after another good year of training anyway good luck with whatever you choose wish i was doing em!!
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