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Great new site....

Just wanted to congratulate triathlon 220 on their great looking new site.

Also wanted to thank all those from this forum who have taken the time to visit my free site....www.ironstruck.ca.

I hope it has helped you out on your triathlon journey and continue to try and improve the site and add information..

Currently I have added a page on the upcoming Ironman CDA and also very important pages on how to tackle the Ironman swim and what technique as far as stroke appears to work very well for the new triathlete.

Ironstruck was built with the beginner triathlete/first time ironman in mind so I hope you take advantage of all the tips and suggestions I offer. Most of what you read results from all the mistakes I made over a 25 year affiliation with this great event. It began in Kona 1984 when I tackled the Ironman for the first time and carried on for 13 more tries at the Ironman. Now it has progressed to the stage where I am trying to "Pay Forward" what the Ironman has done for he over the years.

Best of luck and train safe......
creator of www.ironstruck.ca and author of "Ironstruck...The Ironman Triathlon Journey" and "Ironstruck? 500 ironman triathlon questions and answers"
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