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CycleOps Magneto - so hard!

I just upgraded to a CycleOps Magneto Turbo Trainer.
It's 'The world's first and only mag trainer with progressive resistance' so it has no controls, basically the faster you go the harder it becomes.
It is so-o-o-o hard compared to any other trainer I've tried! I tried and failed to do a Spinervals Time Trial last night but the Turbo beat me up when I tried to push my cadence past 100.
It's a whole new way of spinning.
My speedo is pretty irrelevant now, as from what I can see it's a rudimentary power meter!
Anyone else got one?


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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Yes - me! Just posted about it in fact. Having never used anything other than an exercise bike before, I had nothing to compare it to - but did find it very hard compared to riding on the road!

    I love it now, I just use my middle chainring (I have a triple) and generally do a 60min session that starts with a warm-up, includes several 10 min (or so) flat out efforts (as big a gear as I can turn and still keep a cadence of 80) and I also do what I call pyramids - i.e. I climb up the gears doing 2 mins for each gear and then back down. I usually have time to do this a couple of times. Then a warm-down.

    I use a CatEye V2 for all my data.

    I guess you'll get used to it......I was surprised at how hard I found it in the beginning - but I just assumed that turbos were tough!

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