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cheap but expensive tri bars wanted

I'm after some tri bars that were expensive when you bought them but you see a man in need and feel for his lack of wonga.

Im ideally after some carbon tri bars, dont really mind about scratches just as long as they are good quality and built well.


  • Luke,

    I have some brand new Profile Design 'Jammer' carbon clip on bars. I bought them with my new Specialised Roubaix but found the set up was wrong so never used them. They were £125 new but you can have them for £75 if you want them. Get in touch if you want - [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

  • LukeTimmsLukeTimms Posts: 7
    are they carbon?

    I've been looking at this US based site as they have some bargains http://www.tri-zone.com/Products.html?cat=80

  • Yes they are carbon - they are the picture in the middle of the website you sent me. Profile design Jammer GT. Lovely looking bars and pretty light.
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