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Buying bikes from abroad?

Has anyone got any experience with buying a bike from abroad? I have spotted a Quintana Roo Lucero Complete Bike 2009 for $2,200, that's £1,353, bargain!

Are there any pit falls that will make this bike a nightmare rather than a bargain when buying from abroad?

Thanks in advance


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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Not done it, but won't you get stung for duty and/or import tax by Customs, or has that been built in to the price of the bike?
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    stratoTomstratoTom Posts: 36
    The Customs is horrendous. There is VAT, and this ridiculous thing called 'import duty' which clocks in at something like 15%. It's basically something to do with buying a bike abroad when you could have bought it here/in the EU. You might still be getting deal, but consider these things as they could become a nasty surprise otherwise.
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I just checked how much duty I would have to pay, £438, I guess it's back to looking for a bargain in this country
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    cammykcammyk Posts: 36
    VAT/Customs is not an issue as long as you buy from within the EU. I bought a bike from a shop in Germany without any problem. Outs ide the EU you get VAT and import duty as others said and its adds up quickly
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Can you recommend a few shops I should be looking at?
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    j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I bought my Cervelo from RA Cycles in the States as it was a lot cheaper. To get round the duty ask the shop for a 'cheaper receipt' or ask them to ride it first so it will make the bike second hand. I personally collected the bike and flew back with it and didn't have any issues.

    The only problem I have had is that as Cervelo do not officially import my model to the UK some dealers are unwilling to deal with me and provide help on spare parts. If the bike is sold in the UK it won't be an issue.

    If you do buy from the states ask them to set it up as an 'english bike', the shop I went to advised me that US bikes have their gearing the other way around ie rear cassette lever on the left.

    Hope that helps
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