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Ironman Switzerland - which bike??

dss123dss123 Posts: 1
Hey Guys,

Racing Ironman Switzerland in a few weeks time and can't decide which bike to use.

Planet X Stealth with Stealth bars - My normal tri and TT race bike.


Planet X Pro Carbon - the bike I've done nearly all my training miles on. Many sportives etc etc...

At Zurich, large portions of the course, including the section along the lake, are very fast - ideal for TT bike, but the hills are obviously better tackled on a road bike.

I've raced the Stealth on the rolling Bala Middle Dist course and felt ok, but am worried that 112 miles and the longer hills of Zurich might be too much or just better suited to the Pro Carbon.

I'm super comfy on my pro-carbon, 100+ miles, no probelm. It's light but not as aero as the Stealth. Would probably add clip-ons.

The Stealth is super fast and I'm pretty flexible / used to riding in an extreme position, but it is a bit of an unknown over that kind of distance??

Will the time I save on the Stealth be lost on the climbs and the fact that I'll probably be a little stiffer for the first few miles of the marathon??

I really can't decide.

Any thoughts?

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