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City of Bath OD - bike choice

Anyone done the City of Bath OD before? Did a reccy of the bike course last weekend and it’s a tad hilly to say the least (not that steep, but quite long).

I won’t get a chance to ride it beforehand so am keen for advice on whether to use my TT bike or road bike as I’ll need to invest time training on whichever I choose over the next 3-4 weeks.

I’ve not got a compact chainset on my road bike so the gear ratios of the two bikes are much the same, hence I’m leaning towards the TT bike due to the aero advantage where I can get it… but I could be wrong and would prefer to know no rather than on the day.


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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I'm doing Bath OD as well, be interested to hear peoples responses even though I only have a road bike.
    There is a gmap thing on the website if that's any use?
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    the city of bath course is on mapmyride. i'm hoping to do a steady reccie in a week or so if anyone wants to join me.

    i've just looked at the elevation for the route, appears to be lumpy.
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    clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    I'm only doing the sprint in Bath, which followes the OD route for the first 12km or so. Just far enough to go down over the hill and have to climb back up it again! I'm planning to ride the route at some point over the next few weeks.
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    combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    I did the Sprint last year on a Spech Allez - totally doable but then I did Wimbleball on on my Tribike this year, if I was doing it (and there were spaces I would) I would do it on my Equinox,,,,,
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