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[CANTDOAPOLL] What should I do to motivate myself:

OK, so in just over a week's time I hope to be emerging from the anaesthetic, with a slight window of pain free opportunity, before the drugs wear off; enough time for a bit of optimistic thinking before reality kicks in. So, what should I do to motivate myself (I'm thinking "we have the power, we have the technology, to build the world's first £6,000 man"). In other words to get better, get fit, compete, Win*!

[*:3id0gr5e] Get ChiRunning and a pair of Newton's[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Prepare a detailed recovery plan[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Find the best physio possible[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Loose another stone or two, so the knees have less to support[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Get a Garmin 310 XT as soon as they come out[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Get an extra large sofa, a stack of DVDs, and a phone with Domino's number on Speed Dial[/*:m:3id0gr5e]
[*:3id0gr5e] Spend all my time on the forum fishing for sympathy[/*:m:3id0gr5e][/list:u:3id0gr5e]

Suggestions please!!!

*It's not the winning, it's the [being able to] taking part that counts.
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