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Harwich triathlon race report

Hi its square clare hear under a new name have not been able to get into the forum since the upgrade
the harwich triathlon weekend was this weekend so i thought i would put up my race report for the sprint:
Arrived at tranistion around 2 oclock although the briefing was not untill 4 after a long walk from the car park to transition i managed to set out all my gear, then the rain came. packed away all my gear and went to hide under a tent.
my start time was not until 5:50 so had a lot of waiting around to do so me and some of my mates from harwich runners cheered on the early competitiors coming out of the swim. people had also finnished before i got into the the water
the race:
the swim was tweleve lengths two in each lane ducking under the rope jobby, went by quickly enough and almost caught the guy infront of me i entered a time of 5mins.
t1this was really good bike shoes on race belt one helmet on off i went, was really smoth.
the bike, got out onto the course and along to the first incline noing the course was a real help selecting the right gearing span all the way up. along some pot hole field roads down into ramsey towards an oval shaped rounderbout on which three people came off last year, went well till the next hill it is called lunish, steep sharp but not to bad. went blasting all the way for the next 8kms till i saw two ipswich tri guys infront of me i got one then about a km later got the other. followed the road round untill about 16km when another longer incline where i took two more people and then a women at the top.
finnishing the bike leg felt ok but that is were it went wrong, got of the bike and my legs felt like lead, plodded around the 5km run route with no major dramas

Swim: 4:52 (300m)
T1: 1:04 (ish)
Bike: 45:59 (ish) (24.2km)
t2: 2:57 (ish)
run: 29:05 (ish) (5km)

total : 1hr 24min 14 seconds
second ever tri
winner of female youth prize


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Good stuff Clare! A great antidote to exam stress. Two races, two wins. You're really flying.. Looking forward to the next installment!
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