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advice for timing chip strap positioning

Hi All

Anyone got a good tip for where on your leg you should wear the chip strap? And is it worth getting a neoprene strap (are all chips the same so that they fit on any neoprene strap)?

My first experience of wearing a timing chip strap on the weekend was fine until the run where it felt like it was hindering blood flow so had to stop mid run to move it down. The organisers said to position it on the leg so that it was under the wetsuit (I assume for security so it doesn't fall off), but this meant it was too high on my leg to be comfortable in the run.



  • I position it on my left leg just above the ankle (below the calf), basically the thinest part of your lower leg
  • gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    I put mine on my ankle, below the calf. However, due to short legs on the wetusit, it is below thebottom of my wetsuit. And during T1 taking wetsuit off took off chip without knowing. Noticed during cycle leg and at T2 had to hunt through wetsui tto find it again. Lesson learnt.
  • chapperschappers Posts: 97
    Cheers, the strap coming off is my fear so I reckon next time i'll put it under the wetsuit again and when I'm on the bike I'll reposition it ready for the run... Another trip to wiggle for a neoprene strap so I can practice on the safety of the turbo
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