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Alright All,

1 week till my 1st tri at Blenheim. I am doing the sprint this Sunday (8th) and am a little unsure of a few things about tapering as have read conflicting advice? [8|] I know its not an exact science but what i would like to know is:

Should i do any bricks this week as normal but just lower their intensity and duration?

Should I maintain the same number of training sessions to 'keep my hand in' so to speak but just reduce duration and intensity?

I was thinking of reducing all normal training sessions by half so 30 minutes become 15 etc then taking those sessions easy. I have wed and sat as planned rest days.

Would be really interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Cheers Chris


  • I'm no expert but I'm following Joe Friel's advice from his Triathlon Bible.

    For a sprint (I'm doing BP on Sunday to)

    6 days to go (Monday) Total Rest

    3-5 days to go reduced volume but at same intensity

    2 days to go (Friday) Total Rest

    1 day to go - short brick (20 mins bike - 10 mins run)

    220 Tri mag either last month or this I forget off the top of my head had a tapering article along similar lines.
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