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Knee Bands (Jumpers Knee Bands)

Anyone have any experience of these for knee pain?

I'm picking up the running miles and always seem to get mild knee pain when i pick up the miles.

I'm hoping these may help?


  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Hi Gharv

    if the knee pain is due to a problem with the patella tendons ( thick bands below the knee caps) then you will probably find them useful...... footwear can also make a difference......so make sure you check that your shoes are not wearing out...... but dont be tempted to buy the fakes that continually get posted on this forum...... [:)]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I do remember being told that if yor knee or any joint ar sore do not wear the bandage bands as they inhibit natural healing. So I go with if it is bearable train if not don't train ie listen to your body
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