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South Cerney Classic - learned some lessons!

MowfMowf Posts: 272
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749

    i am a (fairly) decent swimmer

    22mins? Yes you bloody well are!

    And thanks for the post Mowf. I'm starting to grasp the importance of taking the time to think about the races after you completed them. Going to take some time now and see if I can remember my first two.

    And well done on breaking 2hr 30min. Sounds like you could have gone faster as well!
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    gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    22 minutes. Do I assume it was only a 750m swim. Only joking, fantastic swim and time.

    I started a post earlier about how I can't race what I've trained, so you're not alone.
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Well I did this one and thought I posted a reply but it's lost for all time......tsk!

    Good event, poor organisation, had a good time.
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    philephile Posts: 8
    Blinding swim Mowf !
    Ben said the run was about 10.3 Km at the briefing, I think nearer 11 by everyone's times.
    Were you No. 136 ?
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