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Max heart rate during tri

Please excuse me if this topic has been covered already however I cannot find any advice anywhere..

I've just completed my second tri (Windsor sprint distance) and loved every minute.. However my average HR was 176 for the whole race (maxed out in the run at 190). Is this normal? It seems a high HR to be able to maintain for almost 2 hours, but I wasn't suffering (much!) or enough to slow down.

I'm 28 and in my normal training runs my HR sits around 160 and can get it up to around 192 for anaerobic sessions.

Is this just experience/getting used to competing or should I be trying to lower this in my next race?

Thanks in advance,



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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    welll... it WAS a SPRINT...

    Sounds fine to me, but I know nothing!

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    LeezarLeezar Posts: 36
    Its nothing to worry about. If you are only starting out then you base fitness and power will not be at its peak but I would expect nothing to change from competition to competition. As you develop to a higher level of fitness you may find that you ave HR may rise slightly and with muscle development your speed will increase.

    I to seem to be able to maintain a very high ave HR. Im 32 and my max is 190 and I can ave anywhere around 175 for about 90 mins.

    When I was younger and fitter I used to be able to race with an ave of over 180 for up to 2.5 hours (max 199).

    Everyone’s heart behaves slightly different and over time you will understand your limits. I also believe that the size of the person and the muscle fibres they use or have are also a factor. I'm a small build only weighing 68kg and being that size I’m not a powerful performer so for me I have to maintain high repetition of strides and cadence to get the best performance from my match stick legs.
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