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OW sea swimming

I am having a few problems with getting to grasp with sea swimming, I have only had 3 attempts but have race in less than two weeks...

I’m finding that I seem to have a rather large intake of salt water for every breath when I open my mouth to breath as it runs off my face in to my open mouth, then in no time I suffer from the urge to bring up anything in my stomach at this point loose all will to keep swimming.

Hope someone can offer some assistance to my dilemma


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi, I went through a stage of having a smiliar problem in the pool (so not quite as bad I guess), But I found if I slowed my stroke down and got more rotation in the hips on each stroke, it gave me more time on each breath. It also meant I was horizontal on the breath which reduced the problem a bit, as my mouth was further out of the water.
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