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Big Cow - "Cowman"?

Anyone else doing the Big Cow this weekend?


  • mkamka Posts: 26
    Yes - i'm entered as well, will be my first middle distance race & not sure if i'll be able to run but will give it a go!

    Have you done this race before - if so any tips??
  • I'm in a very similar situation...

    This will be my 2nd ever triathlon, the first was Blenheim sprint a year ago. I had hoped to do a load of Oly and Middle distance races this year as prep for IMUK this August but injury has made me a DNS (or DNEnter) for all of the others.

    Based on Coneheads advice on rehabilitating my ankle and preparing for IMUK I'm planning on not finishing this one and just treating it as a race specific brick. His suggestion was to swim with no regard for the cycle and to cycle with no regard for any run then to pull out after 5k of the run.

    Going into a race planning to DNF is very alien to me but I only entered as a last minute attempt to squeeze in some experience before IM.

    being new to this I have very little idea how things will actually play out on raceday - how much information have they sent you? I recieved a message saying my entry had been accepted and I'm on the race list (apparently I'm category E - no Idea what that means, but certainly not elite) but other than that I have no idea whats going on... I guess I'll find out on the day!
  • mkamka Posts: 26
    I haven’t received any race details aside from an email confirmation of entry, I guess we’ll get everything at registration on the Saturday afternoon. The bike & run courses are on the website as well as the profiles. I’ve heard that the run can be uneven in some sections but is flat, the bike looks alright a few hills but hopefully nothing too horrendous.

    I was just treating this as a trial run for another half I’m doing in August - just to see how hideous it will be and to try to work out nutrition etc. I’ve only done a few sprint races and had a DNF in my first olympic distance at the beginning of June due to a calf strain so this weekend isn’t looking great. My race plan is pretty much the same as yours - treat the race as a swim-bike brick session and start the run but will most probably have to pull out after the first lap.

    Good luck on Sunday & say hi if you see anyone limping round the run course as that will be me!
  • I think I'm going to try to register on the morning since I'm sort of local (not really but I'm miserly enough annd local enough that I'm not going to spend the night there!). hopefully I'll work out what i'm supposed to be doing through my sleep haze!

    Good luck to you too... I haven't run on the raods since the beginning of march, so if anyone is likely to be limping round the run course it'll be me!
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