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Aquathlons - do they differ to Tri's

Got my first Aquathlon on Thursday, 750m open water swim then 5km run. To date only completed four pool based Sprints, so it's slightly different, but really using it to get open water experience before a potential OD event on the weekend. The weather forecast is good, so it should be quite pleasant swimming in the lake, and then running around it. Anyway, enough of the background.

Is the technique the same as Tri, kick your legs harder for the last 50m or so, in order to get the blood circulating in the legs for the run ahead?

I assume a tri-suit is in order under the wetsuit. Does anyone have any other tips, advice on how it's best done?


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    gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    Now you tellme, I;ve obviously be leaving it too late for the kick, which I why a feel like shit in T1. Thanks for the that, I'll go with it, as they say 'every little helps'.
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