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Dalkiia F1 zero v Argon-18 E112

j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
Firstly apologies for another bike thread but I was hoping that a couple of forum readers may have some first hand experience of either a Dalkiia F1 zero or the Argon-18 E112. I have shortlisted these two frames as a potential TT build and am keen to hear an unbiased review of them.

I do appreciate that the Dalkiia is a couple of hundred pound less but I am more interested in build quality and the ride.

Many thanks in advance,



  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I have the Argon E112 and built it up myself with Dura Ace and CBX Pro full carbon bars etc..... Youll see mine in the bike porn thread:)

    It is fantastic to ride! Really responsive at both slow and fast speeds, very easy to hammer down a technical descent and throw it around as if your doing the Isle of Man TT lol.....
    Its easy to apply power with very little flex at the BB, in fact Whilst on the turbo I struggle to notice any at all:)

    I rode the F1 zero about 18 months ago and although a good ride, it is just a generic carbon frame from asia with Dalkiia stickers on it. You prob find its the same underneath as some other manufacturers frames. Still a good frame, but in my opinion doesnt even come close to the Argon......Im glad I saved my money and waited for the opportunity to buy the Argon.....

    End of the day it is upto you, you may not like a bike that is as responsive as the Argon, it just might not work for you......

    Try and test ride both if poss.....

    My best time on the Argon to date was at Bala Middle 2 weeks ago, where there were 2 other Argons being raced.....Two 112's (including mine) and the £1000 more expensive 114..... I passed the 114 on a hill like he was stood still and never saw him again....That put a big smile on my face and I thought 'that was an extra £1000 well spent' lol

    So just because a bike is more expensive, usually as its got all these fancy gizmos and time saving components doesnt mean its gona be better......
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102

    Many thanks for your response it is a real help. I did see your 112 on the bike porn thread and hoped that you would post a reply. I was swaying towards the Argon anyway it is just nice to hear someone's thoughts who have actually lived with one of the bikes.

    Thank you again.
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