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Hi Everbody,

I just wanted to let everybody know what I have been using lately as it has been making me feel great. It's not available here in the UK yet so I have been getting it through France. But rest assured it will be here soon...August is the rumor. It's basically a juice called MonaVie which is made from 19 different fruits and berries. 4oz a day is nutritionally equivalent to 13 fruit and veg so if you are like me and take in loads of carbs you will love this to balance things out. Best thing to do if you are interested in this sort of thing is to go to this website. http://www.TheGreatProduct.com/Stephenson On top of the nutritional benefits there is a very good business opportunity behind it to become a distributor. This can easily make your own consumption free.


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Shove off and take your crappy juice with ya!!
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Slightly related, on the topic of foreign nutrition, if anyone ever get to Brazil, perhaps to do IM Brazil, fuel up on acai berry smoothies. The calorific equivalent of a massive meal, full of everything good, and tastes damn fine too. We didnt eat all day after one smoothie.

    I would happily become a distributor of those.
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    On May 5, 2008, the MonaVie company, its board of directors, and several of its senior distributors were sued by Imagenetix, Inc. for $2.75 billion over trademark infringement arising from false claims that Monavie Active juice contained the ingredient Celadrin
    Think I'll pass on becoming a distributor.
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