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How I lost my cherry

Cloudy day. Liverpool. 21st June. Hot, wet, sweaty and full-on for 1 hour 29 minutes. She probably wasn't the best looking in the world, or the hardest to conquer but certainly worth another crack at next year.
Top drawer experience and I learnt more in one morning than from months of training and reading. Important things like not laughing at people on DVDs trying to get a leg out of a wetsuit, before trying it yourself in race conditions; you are not a vain dandy for wearing sunglasses on the bike when it's not sunny - flies in the eyes hurt; it really is about the bike, Lance; 5k after a swim and bike is further than 5k without.
Most important however, I still resepcted her in the morning.


  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    Excellent stuff kidstardust, I did liverpool too...it was my first too...though i was more chicken than you and only did the Supersprint....I cam 45 out of about 68 and 9th in my AG (i'm 39) out of 16 (some of whom didnt finish)
    it was a great day and i'm already stepping up to sprint distance in the tatton park tri in september (might try and sneak in an SS if i can find one before hand)

    are you doing another one???
  • Doing Tatton as well. It was the first I signed up for, Olympic distance, in my ignorant madness. I threw Liverpool Sprint in to prepare, once I realised this whole Triathlon gig isn't as starighforward as one may think.
    Full marks to you on your result, and good luck.
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