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Ironman Nice - Advice for the Bike

I'm taking part in my first IM distance in Nice this year. Now panicking about the bike course as it's not flat and I’m not going to get a chance to ride the course before the race. I've more than covered the distance on the flat with a fair bit of climbing but could do with any advice from anyone out there that's completed the race as i've no real idea of the gradients on all the climbs. There is a commentary on the bike course but could do with as much advice on set up and training as I can lay my hands on - starting last phase of training before tapering.

Bike set up. I'm using my TT bike on the basis it's lighter than my alu road bike but and was going to use a 12-25 cassette with a 53,39 chain ring that I've trained with.

Aero helmet?? I've got one but am I wasting my time wearing the thing on a bike leg that ascends 2400m (I think)

Thanks for any advice
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