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This week... I've managed to do the following training..

OK, get another thread going, for people, who, for whatever reason, don't train _every_ day, but would like somewhere to record their weekly log, or plans!


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Sunday: A rather nice Bike -> Swim -> BIke. Very good swim session, for me, had to get out of the medium lane, and into the fast lane for the first time. Also played with my new SportCount Chrono 100. Didn't loose it at the bottom of the pool. Managed to work it too! Now I have some nice benchmarks to aim for.

    Played squash in the Afternoon. Which was a mistake. Knee was too sore. A longish walk in the evening.

    Monday Morning: A 6 hour drive. Slept on the evening.
    Tuesday: In the wilderness that is south croydon. Couldn't find a swimming pool, or the inclination to use one.
    Wednesday: Another long drive back
    Thursday: Another long drive there and back.. in time to get to the Hospital for pre-op checks (mainly to make sure I am not going to give everyone MRSA I expect). So, no time for training there.
    Friday: Another long drive - and no time for training, I expect. Although if I finish early and get back before 7pm, I might be in time for a swim.

    Saturday: Should I go for a long bike ride to really give the knee some hell. Or would that be a bad thing.
    Sunday: Another swim:
    Monday: Might have a bike ride and another swim.
    Tuesday: Getting ready for the op.
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