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Dissertation Help Please!!!

Hi everyone!!

I need your help !!! My name is Vicki Goulding and i am currently conducting some research into mental toughness in sport. In particular i am interested in runners/triathletes - of all levels of participation.

My study involves a quick and easy questionnaire that can be completed online. It usually costs £35, but i have been given permission by the developer, Dr. Clough, to use his questionnaire service for free!!!!

Once completed you will recieve by email a detailed explanation of your results. You don't just recieve a number out of 10, you recieve a complete breakdown into different sections. You will also recieve information regarding your development in different areas of mental toughness.

It's a really interesting study and many athletes who have already completed it have told me how much they enjoyed doing it and loved recieving the information about themselves.

If you would like to take part, please email me on: VG170@live.mdx.ac.uk or my hotmail address: swim_vic_hodd@hotmail.com

Thank you so much!

Kind regards, Vicki.
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