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Energy Gels...

Not sure if i'm going mad here but i'm sure i''ve read that some of the elites decant their gels into a sports bottle?

Or... or are they just storing them in there unopened?

Also have you come across people having their gels pre mixed with some water in their fuel belts for the run.

If so what's the ratio?

If so is it worth it - seems to make some sense?

I'm sure i've read about this before? Am i going mad?



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    Saw this in 220 mag a few issues ago, not sure if it's aimed at elites though...


    I've been sampling different gels to see which ones work for me having read various posts on here about people having adverse reactions during races. Have found the SIS Go gels faitly pallatable, they are isotonic so no need to mix with water.
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