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Any at Brasschaat(Belgium) this weekend ?

I've got a place in the 500 starters. Only a handful of British entrants I think

http://www.triathlonbrasschaat.com/inde ... omepage/~E


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    cammykcammyk Posts: 36
    Pre Race Thoughts....look of the huge swim had me shittin bricks.

    http://thetriathlontimes.blogspot.com/2 ... ughts.html

    Post race report below. Overall a great event and managed extremely well with a very friendly race management team, plenty of folks out on the street offering up support. Tom Room ran in 20th(+21:19)as first British finisher in this race which is part of ITU Long Distance Tour. It was 2.7k swim, 80k bike and 20k run. Hot day and a lot of DNF's(38) due to conditions I think. 450 entrants.

    http://thetriathlontimes.blogspot.com/2 ... thlon.html

    A very hard choice for a second race and only 3 weeks after Switzerland , they drop it to OD next year. There were times I was fantasizing about that on the run leg.
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