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Goodness Shakes Roll Call

jasejase Posts: 47
OK OK So I went with the recomendation and signed up for Sunday

So who is going to be there with me????

I'm in Wave 3 - 30yrs+ and will be the short guy, with no hair and the 'London Triathlon' wetsuit and respond to the name Jase

Gunna be flat, gunna be hot, gunna be good

Good luck all.


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    Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    I'm in, I will be in the 40-45 wave. A tad concerned that I may be out of my depth in this event, but what the hell.
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    JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    Apparently I've missed the online deadline, but there are still spaces to register on the day, so i'll be there nice and early. I'll be in the 25-29 age group, on a pink and black giant bike or somewhere at the back of the run. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.

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    chapperschappers Posts: 97
    I'm in too, currently sitting watching the Windsor tri coverage on DVD with a bag of frozen peas on my back... Beginning to wonder whether dropping the 18m commute this week in favour of 1hr intense sessions was a bad idea... Here come the nerves

    I'll be the fellow who looks like he's sponsored by 2XU... Wetsuit, trisuit, even race belt and swim cap... All by accident and rather embarrassing
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    hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    as COnehead says ill be doing it...

    I have an Argon 112 with Jason Walkley and Union Flag on top tube....

    25-29 AG

    See you all down there...

    Maybe arrange a meet up after or summat?:)
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