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2nd ever tri (London OD) 2 weeks afer 1st tri (Bath OD)

[toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
I really fancy doing London Olympic distance but it falls 2 weeks after my first ever triathlon, Bath Olympic on 19th July.

Would I be stupid to ever consider this? Really want to do it and a charity place has come up.

What ya reckon?


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    risris Posts: 1,002
    i suppose it's very dependent on how fit you are and how well your training has gone!

    i did my first OD and 2 weeks later a long sprint (400/30k/8k) and seemed to be ok. the week after the OD i took it fairly light (reduced my cycling a touch, kept pool work the same, little running, although that was a result of blisters not fatigue) and the following week i was on hliday so only ran.

    i think if you are realistic about how much training you think you can keep on with then you should be ok.
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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    defimately - make sure you recover properly, but defo yes. After yesterday I'm guessing you've already entered!
    Not entered yet, but think I probably will.

    After all the advice yesterday I'm much more confident I can do it!
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