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Pain in the arse - what saddles please?!

Alright All,

I have not been putting in longer distances on my bike for some time - usually 30/35miles max but I have started doing some longer rides as the weather is nice and its good to go out and just ride. Yesterday i did 52 miles but found my backside was really starting to give me grief towards the end of the ride.

I figure that my backside is pretty used to riding now but it is a new saddle - Fizik Arionne Wing Flex.

How long does it normally take to break a saddle in?

What saddles do peolpe find comfy for longer rides?

I wear a assos bib that is well padded and was riding mainly using the handlebars yest as opposed to dropping onto the tri bars - so I was probably pretty central on the saddle and not sitting on the nose.
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