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Blue seventy Reaction 08 Large Wetsuit

Blue Seventy Reaction 08 for sale Large. Excellent condition. Used for 5 events over 08/09.
This suit has been designed with Air-cell neoprene, which improves warmth by creating pockets of air within the suit without reducing buoyancy.
The Reaction also includes enlarged arm gussets and full body low-friction coating. Combine those features, with a suit praised for its superior fit, and you have a package that is the perfect mid range suit for someone not wanting to spend big dollars, but not wanting to settle for second best.
Air-cell rubber used in the central body panel increases warmth yet still retains excellent buoyancy.
Enlarged arm gussets with high stretch material to facilitate improved flexibility.
Low friction coating throughout the suit which creates a lower drag coefficient and enhances speed through the water.

RRP at £179.00 yours for £110 including postage.
L 5’11”-6’4” 192-220 lbs large 184-194 cm 87-100 kg
Check out blue seventy's website:
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