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Gutted - todays rookie training day and crap weekend

Booked onto Coneheads rookie training day today. Was working nights so booked off leave. Got it granted.

Was looking forward to the experience and meeting a few other 220 bods. T shirt was ironed and ready to go - well done again Gaz.

Then not long to go ( a matter of days) my firm cancelled my leave!!!! Spoke to my Duty station officer, spoke to my operations manager and got knocked back. Friday night got granted but no joy for tonight - so it would have meant I finished a night shift at 0600 having been up for 17 hours, then drive straight to Windsor for the training day, then leave early to go straight to work for another night shift until 0700 hours Sunday morning. Just not possible.

I am gutted I missed out but would like to hear how others thought it went ?

So last night I went out to a load of crap. A 24 yom with a headache for a month, a 17 year old pissed and abusive, some old boy who pulled out his catheter and as well as another 10 jobs then the last one involved me and my crewmate having a ruck with a known violent male who decided he was going to kick off and cause us grief. He is known to the police for carrying weapons, violence, drugs, DSH, MH problems and violent disorder. Suffice to say he ended up face down on the pavement rather rapidly. Twat.

So all in all a crap weekend so far - off to work again in 30 mins and I'm sure another night of pissed, rude,aggressive and violent people. Hurrah for the NHS.

I hope everyone who went to day had fun and tell me what you did. ?

Conehead - again I'm sorry for the last minute blowout mate. Seriously out of my hands.


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    willieverfinish wrote:
    Suffice to say he ended up face down on the pavement rather rapidly
    Sounds like good practice for the aquaruck!

    Commiserations - but you must be building up a huge bank of good karma
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Hey Ben

    Sorry to hear about all the shite! Just keep focused on the important stuff.......that's not work......its family and friends, oh......and triathlon.

  • Sorry if it makes you feel worse, but you missed a great day .

    Stunning setting in the Wentworth Golf Clubhouse, even if we did get a few odd looks at times from the members..... well I doubt they're used to seeing people thrashing around in their pool in wetsuits, or carrying bikes upstairs through the member's golf-bag drop room.

    Morning was a bit of Ironman video whilst Darren and Rick sorted out the wetsuits, then the rest of the morning in and around the pool just generally getting used to wearing the suit and practicing sighting, swimming over each other, general swimmimg techniques, etc.. and then finally getting out of the suit. Then a section on T1 with the bikes on turbos around the pool.

    Lunch, then bike setup with Mike from Bridgtown cycles. Wheel and tyre changing, CO2 practice. Then an hour or so out on the bikes with Rick for general handling practice, corners, slow handling, emergency stops, jumping, hills etc.

    Finally a section on nutririon from Darren, and then must have been gone 6:30 before we left.

    .... oh and all the Red Bull you could drink, plus a bunch of nutrition stuff in a pack and a few other goodies handed out.

    Would recommend to anyone new to the sport. All in all a great day, thanks to the collective merits of Darren, Rick and Mike.

    Cheers guys.
  • McKennaMcKenna Posts: 12
    i have to agree what a top day,
    even though there was a bit of drama over the wet suits i think it easyed us into the day, great swimming advice from rickie and even t1 set up including bike shoes cough cough....
    then lunch and all the bike mainance and adjustment stuff mike was really help full and sorted out all the bike positioning and i belive i need a new bike at last an excuse to buy a new bike...
    then the bike handling minus a few incidents was ace and then all the nutrition stuff was very interesting
    all in all an amazing day, i have got a killer tan from my tri suit and tonnes of free stuff nothing better
    Cheers conehead even if sis stuff aint my bag and rickie and mike for such a good day
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I'll echo the comments about a great day, even if it took a handful of painkillers to get me out of bed today (after my own, unique, interpretation of the "Kiddle kick & flick").
  • McKennaMcKenna Posts: 12
    i will pm u now...
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    lad you all had fun... ( cursing under breath)

    Sounds like another successful one from the Conehead.
  • RSRS Posts: 8
    I'd also like to echo the comments about it being a great day. Thanks to Darren, Rick and Mike
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