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Dead foot

New to tri at age of 40 and with realistic aims-sub 50min 10k would be nice…
However have had problem with left foot going to sleep after 5km or so. I’m 6ft, around the 14stone mark. I’ve had my gait analysed (neutral with tendency to heel strike), tried various shoes, run on tarmac, grass and woodland and used conventional laces as well as elastic, always with same result-numb from ankle down. Some feeling does return after another 2-3km but is there anyone with similar issues that’s found a solution?


  • Hi

    I had a similar problem, also with my left foot, that thwarted attempts to run any distance longer than 10 mins running. It just got so numb I lost the feeling and control in the foot and had to stop.

    Tried a few things but what worked for me was making sure I didn't overtighten my laces. I tighten as normal so trainer feels secure then slacken off right the way down, has worked a treat and the problem hasn't re-occurred since and I can now run much further and longer.

    I suppose its similar scenario to numb foot on the bike - you have to make sure you wiggle your toes every now and again to get some circulation going.

    Hope that helps.
  • SilverbackSilverback Posts: 131
    Many thanks-will abandon elastic laces as sure they're not helping. Now just gotta wait for a drop in temperature-30deg not conducive to even a gentle trot!
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