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IMUK only five weeks to go!!!!!!

Five weeks today I'll hopefully be crawling over the IM finish line , and I can't wait. I know a few of you on here are doing it as well how are you all feeling.

Also I know there was someone on here who did his collar bone in are you still doing it?

Also is anyone else camping or is it just me?


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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Yep, I was the one who did my collar bone a month ago, and its going to take more than that to stop me from doing it! Have missed my main build, so not going for time, but still seriously looking forward to it!

    Everyone's training going well?

    Not camping, have a mate who lives in bolton, so kipping at his
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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    I was up there this weekend out on the bike course giving it a good going over. To find my way and see what there is in store for us on race day. So here are my current race course thoughts:

    Swim - Reservoir looked absolutely beuatiful. Real still, no chop, beautiful views. Weather was reasonably windy and there was a little rain. I've heard people say it's bloody deep so it shouldn't really be too badly effected by conditions. Looks long so hopefully we won't swim it all......

    Bike - The climb after 2.5km 'warm-up' is a b*tch. It is about 3.5km long and comes in three parts. I went with a 50-34T compact chainset and 23-11 cassette. First part is smaller cog in the saddle, short flat afterwards that is not worth pushing on as the second part of the hill is killer. Can stay in the saddle for a while, but you will want to come out at some point just before it turns left and gets steeper. Another final short flat and then short hill to finish it. I again was out of the saddle. HR hit 152 which is about 85% max. Speed was around 11 - 13kph.
    After that there is not much to rave about. Some quick downhills 60kph+, some sharp turns and dodgy road crossing. The second half isn't as bad as it looks on the maps but you'll struggle to find any real rhythm with all the turns and changes in road quality. I can imagine the 3rd lap causing a few DNF's with the hill and then in the final 30km people getting p*ssy with the roads. Having said that, it's the same for everyone and is gonna be a challenge no matter what.

    Run - I only looked at the first couple of kms and it'll be fine.

    Training is hit and miss. Sure the miss part is demonic voices talking but gotta listen to them all the same. Got 2 1/2 more weeks of good solid building then start my 2 1/2 taper.

    Bike is in for repairs as one of my tribar extensions worked loose then yesterday the chain snapped. So not the greatest weekend of training ever, but still got 115km in on the bike.
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    Should be great fun!!

    Have done pretty much no training for 2 weeks now as I am trying to allow my body to repair itself gently after Wimbleball (groin strain and hamstring niggle) - yay!!!

    Bike course sounds interesting, at least the long hill is near the start of each lap.

    Watched the coverage of IM Australia last night and the realism hit home that it is only 5 weeks til I am doing that.
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    I'm in too...

    Did most of the big cow half distance yesterday... The swim and the bike were great confidence builders and my stress fractured ankle seemed fine which is great. Annoyingly however my left knee is pretty sore so I'm now a bit scared of the run.

    Thanks for the info on the hill Craig, I hope to get up there this weekend to have a look but too much work means I'm not optemistic.
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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284

    Postby agent_ti » Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:12 am
    Yep, I was the one who did my collar bone a month ago, and its going to take more than that to stop me
    Pleased you're doing it and loved the it's going to take more than that to stop me!!!! My training is going well did Chester OD last week and now had really bad back ache so that's not great, but the tri went really well especially the swim. everything else is in working order though so I'm happy.

    I'm doing the Merlin ride this weekend and that's 112 miles so should be a good tester with the heat.

    I'll stick a post on here a week or so before the IM to see if anyone wants to meet for a pre race drinking and clubbing session. Only joking just a coffee, I realised a while ago I can't just blag this one.

    Happy training everyone see you in 4 weeks 6 days, not that I'm counting.
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