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New Mills Sprint Tri

I knew it!!

I have just received this email from xtramile, is it me or does something always go wrong with these guys?! :roll:

"Thank you all for coming along to the New Mills Triathlon – we enjoyed the day and hope you did too. I know a lot of you mentioned to me that you thought the run was longer than you thought and I extolled the virtues of www.mapmytri.com and our Nokia GPS phones which did actually work and mapped the course correctly and accurately. However, the course was longer than advertised as you all suspected and I am very sorry for this.
Unfortunately, one of our staff set the turnaround point in the wrong place in spite of being in possession of a map highlighting the correct point and having recently walked the course to familiarise himself. This is wholly unacceptable.
Our only consolation is that everybody ran the same distance but it is an embarrassing and unfortunate occurrence. I repeatedly asked to confirm that the turnaround point was in the correct place - even before the first runners had started on the course. Other than running the course myself I don't think that there was any more that I could have done.
We feel that we have let you down and we also feel let down ourselves and again can only apologise.
I sincerely hope that this didn't spoil your event, and hope to see you again at a future event."
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